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What is Elemite?

100% Organic “Elemite” is an OMRI listed,  high potency, combination rock dust & microbiology enhancer.

Elemite rock dust is a naturally occurring montmorillonite clay containing 66 elements that provide much needed nutrients to all forms of plants. It is most frequently used in soils that have either been depleted over the years and/or are deficient in nutrients and have a low cation exchange capacity (CEC). It is naturally occurring, contains no additional additives, is OMRI listed, safe to use, and highly effective in improving the growth rates and the health of all plants.

Elemite Enhancer is an all natural and all organic root stimulant and fertilizer that is taken into the roots and through the foliage. It’s applied like a heavy dew. It is a natural quick response formulation of micro nutrients and natural levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Farmers apply Elemite and Elemite Enhancer in lieu of fertilizer. You apply only two times per season. Once at planting, and again at early growth (see application rates here).

The Elemite system promotes higher yield, healthier plants, and financial savings. Elemite’s Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) has been rated as high as 35! And yes, we brag about it. Higher CEC means better moisture retention in our farmers’ soil, higher yield, healthier fruit, and ultimately less money out of pocket for a healthy harvest… making Elemite farmers Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.