GENERAL ELEMITE  Application Guidelines

Elemite can be applied in liquid or dry form, depending on conditions and equipment. *If possible, avoid windy conditions during application to prevent the loss of fine particles.  Combining Elemite with Elemite BioEnhancer  to improve absorption and effectiveness. The best time to apply Elemite and Elemite Enhancer together is during ,or just prior to, planting.

Reuse as desired year-round to build up and re-mineralize soils.

The initial application rates are listed below. An annual follow-up application is recommended.

For home or greenhouse use, mix Elemite and Elemite BioEnhancer.

DRY Sprinkle Elemite around the base of plants. Add enough Elemite BioEnhancer on top to work Elemite into the soil.

SUGGESTED Application Rates: (NOTE: Suggested rates are based on no soil analysis. When possible, confer with your Consultant/Agronomist on a more accurate rate for your soil condition needs.) For a thorough and fast soil analysis, we recommend (tell ’em we sent you!)

TREES (Citrus, Evergreens, etc.) and SHRUBS: 1-pound of Elemite for each one inch of trunk diameter.

Pour Elemite evenly under the drip line and add water. For older plants or those that show signs of disease you may double the application rate.

ROW AND FIELD CROPS: Corn, Wheat, Alfalfa: Start with 200-pounds/acre and follow-up with 150-pounds/acre twice per year. Sugar Beets and Potatoes (tubers): 250-pounds/acre. Apply with a standard phosphate spreader making sure to adjust the air pressure to avoid potential clogging.

VEGETABLES AND POTTED PLANTS: Onions, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. 4 to 6 ounces of ElemiteTM per cubic foot of potting soil. 1-pound per 10 square feet of garden.

SAFETY: While it is generally recognized as safe, Elemite does pose some health risks if handled improperly.

Fine dust particles can irritate eyes, so we recommend wearing eye protection. In poorly ventilated areas, a mask is recommended to prevent inhaling Elemite particles that could damage the lungs. For further details or recommendations on product handling please call us at (480) 433-3547.