Let’s get real…

Elemite is a 100% organic fertilizer replacement that saves water, replenishes soil, and grows a healthier crop.

“My tomatoes had a darker, healthier appearance. They tasted better and outsold the heirloom varieties at the market too!”

Bob Harris, Sacramento, CA

“Plants need more than nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They require at least 16 additional elements that affect both the health and production of all plants. Without these elements in proper balance, plant growth and health will not be optimized”

“Elemite has made a huge difference in my garden! I got results with plants that normally failed to produce much. For example, last year I got a total of 2 artichokes. This year we stopped picking after the first dozen and were giving away extras.”

Jim Livingstone, Phoenix, AZ

“The chemicals are geared to go to fast-growth, quick production. The natural way of growing is to have a healthier plant, a healthier production.”

Bill Strange, Organic Formulator